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Memories are more than just photos!

- Create interactive digital media albums with select groups of friends or loved ones.
- Take photos, capture videos, or broadcast special events live in the moment. Everything is instantly shared!
- Group members can chat in real time via all media.
- Customize photos with emojis, doodles and text!

Keep faraway friends and family close with continuous realtime interaction.

To get the best meWrap experience, you’ll need to accept the following app permissions:

1. Contacts - This allows meWrap to let you choose which friends to invite to wraps. Your address book information will be sent securely and we do not store it in our servers.
2. Notifications - This allows meWrap to notify you when your friends send you photo and video messages.
3. Camera - Enable camera access so that you can capture photos, start a video call or let others see you during live broadcast.
4. Photos - This lets you choose which photos you want to share with friends.
5. Microphone - Enable microphone access so that others can hear you during a call and live broadcast.
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