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Mettler Center

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Mettler Center

Mettler Center Champaign, IL

The Mettler Center app contains account management, class schedules, appointment booking, program registration, notifications and more.

Account Management

My Account
Update basic account billing information.

See upcoming bookings/reservations at a glance.

Use your phone to check-in at the front desk.


Class Schedules
Check out the schedule to find classes to meet your goals.

Advanced Search
Hone-in on classes taught by your favorite instructor.

Book a Class
Sign up for your perfect class!

Out of Sessions?
No problem. Purchase and manage your sessions on the app.

Spread the Word
Share via social media or invite a friend to join you in class!


Make Your Selection
Book appointments for personal training, massage, nutrition and more.

Payment Options
Pay using sessions from your package or your method on file.

Purchase and manage packages
View and purchase session packages.


Locate a Program
Browse for the categories and programs that interest you.

Register yourself or family members.

Payment Options
Choose from a variety of payment methods.