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Listen, Enjoy, Learn, Broadcast!

Metta invites you on a journey where you can contribute to your personal development in your daily life, stay alone with yourself and take short breaks. Metta accompanies you on the road, at work, at home, before you go to sleep, while cooking, at every moment of the day. With more than 3000 audio content, Metta makes even the most boring tasks of daily life fun and productive.

What’s in Metta For You?

You can discover new information and contribute to your personal development with podcasts on many different themes such as productivity, anxiety and stress management, relationships, art, sexuality, wellness, psychology, travel, culture, history, and mysticism.

You can listen to book and book summaries.

You can go on different journeys with stories on mythology, classics, science fiction etc.

With mindfulness and meditation practices prepared by experts, you can manage your anxiety and stress and make it easier to cope with difficult emotions.

With the personalized "Hello" page, you can discover suggestions and new content for your interests and needs.

You can regulate your mood while investing in your health with breathing exercises.

With more than 500 music and ambient sounds in the Metta music library, you can increase your focus on your work.

With podcasts, stories and meditation practices for children and parents, you can approach family dynamics with awareness and support the cognitive and social development of children.

You can improve your sleep quality by making it easier to fall asleep with meditation, breathing, mindfulness practices and relaxing nature and ambient sounds.

You can create your own audio content library by saving the content you want to listen to or like.

Some of Metta's broad content categories are:

• Performance and Productivity
• Stress and Anxiety Management
• Meditation
• Self-improvement
• Healthy lifestyle
• Sleep
• Mindfulness
• Time management
• Change and Habits
• Parenting
• Relationships
• Travel
• Pregnancy
• Astrology
• Popular culture
• Information and technology
• History
• Self-compassion
• Stories, Tales and Meditations for Children
• Nutrition and Body Perception

Metta for Publishers

Metta is a marketplace platform that allows individuals and organizations to broadcast audio content such as podcasts, books, stories, fairy tales, meditation and mindfulness practices, instrumental music, and earn revenue according to their listenin rates.

As a publisher of Metta, you can produce content about your profession, hobbies, expertise and interests, convey your voice to thousands of listeners of Metta, and create a passive source of income while increasing your popularity.

Join our publishers, and make your voice heard by thousands of people around the world!

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