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Metronome2 is a simple metronome time keeper for your iPhone and iPad.

- Simple and intuitive
- Audio and visual feedback
- Tap tempo feature
- Use the Apple Watch app to use your voice to set the speed

Use the control ring to set the beats per minute and beats per bar. Audio and visual feedback will then help you to keep your practice routines in time.

You can also use the tap tempo feature to set the speed. Tap at least three times in the centre of the control ring and Metronome2 will start to match the tempo of your taps.

Use your Apple Watch to control Metronome2 with your voice. Tap the microphone button and tell your Apple Watch the speed and/or beats per bar. Use phrases like, 'Set the speed to 120 and the beats per bar to 3' or 'Set the tempo to 60'. 'Tempo 180' will also work. You can use this method to set one or both of the values. Metronome2 then automatically adjusts.

Tip: If you're have trouble getting your Apple Watch to hear numbers use the keyword 'numeral' before the value, for example, 'Set the speed to numeral 210'.

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Ben Parks