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Metric Insights

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Metric Insights

NOTE: This version of the Metric Insights mobile app is for 4.1-4.2 Metric Insights Server versions (and will not work with Metric Insights v5.0)

Metric Insights delivers the news in your data by enabling all business to users to focus, collaborate and act on critical events in their data.

For analysts and business users, our app provides tools for annotation and collaboration on the Metrics you care about.

For executives and managers, we provide at an at-a-glance, Metrics-only view of our app for quickly seeing the KPIs you care about.

Metric Insights is the leading Push Intelligence Platform that easily connects to all your underlying data sources, Big Data, Business Intelligence Tools, on-premise and SaaS applications and enables:

- Data-driven Alerting
- Daily Digest Emails
- Exception Reporting
- User Collaboration
- KPI Management

Access the features of Push Intelligence via the fully interactive mobile app.

You must have access to the Metric Insights platform to make use of the mobile app. To license the platform, or for more information, contact Metric Insights.
Metric Insights