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MetaRoma for iPhone,iPad,Apple Watch offers exclusive and innovative city contents with a brand new video experience that it's both engaging and revolutionary.

- With Flickr and Instagram integration, finding Rome's best photos has never been so easy and fast.

-Find new places and all their details such as reviews,opening hours and nearby tweets.

- Call a cab or rent a car with the embedded Car2Go right inside the app

- Discover Rome like never before thanks to a new way to watch videos. Tap on a monument,an actor or any point of interest you see in the video to reveal special infos,photos and other correlated items. You can even shop extras on iTunes,watch other videos such as interviews,documentaries or share you thoughts on Twitter about what you're seeing. There's no need to exit the app,pause the video or open infinite other views. Everything it's just wonderfully blended inside the familiar yet elegant video player.

- iCloud sync. Your favorite places,city contents and movies always with you on any device.

-iBeacon Support. Special contents,videos,extras delivered automatically just when you need them.
Giacomo Nazzaro