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Mercedes me

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Mercedes me

每时,每刻,与您精彩相连。得益于Mercedes me应用,通过您的iPhone手机或Apple Watch,便可个性化自如连接您与梅赛德斯-奔驰的世界,让爱车随时随地尽在指尖掌握。



Mercedes me互联

随时,随地,随心互联。Mercedes me互联以创新方式让您的手机与爱车时刻相联,开启智能驾驶时代崭新生活,并为您提供多样化、极致到位的贴心应用体验:

• 车辆状态查询(包括估算剩余里程,轮胎压力,燃油液位,蓄电池电量等信息)
• 远程车辆控制,也可通过Apple Watch进行操作(包括远程解锁或锁止车门)
• 个性行程设置(可直接将目的地位置远程发送到车内导航系统)

Mercedes me新闻资讯与通知



Mercedes me出行服务,可灵活应对各种情况,为您提供周全的导航服务。承载360º全方位移动体验,带您去任何您想去的地方。


• 梅赛德斯-奔驰礼宾服务,为梅赛德斯-奔驰用户提供专属优惠服务,诠释宾至如归的尊崇感受。
• 自定义信息:您可以根据您的偏好,自行定义iPhone或Apple Watch上收到的信息推送类型。


Mercedes me互联服务只适用于配备有Mercedes me互联通讯模块功能的梅赛德斯-奔驰汽车。此功能可能因您的爱车设备及您的预订服务而定,您的梅赛德斯-奔驰伙伴很乐意为您提供以下建议:

• 要使用它,您还需要一个免费且激活的梅赛德斯-奔驰账号。
• 后台持续使用GPS功能可能会大大减少手机电池的运行时间。

Anytime and anywhere. With the Mercedes me App on your iPhone or Apple Watch you have your personal point of entry to the world of Mercedes-Benz and direct access to your vehicle at your fingertips at all times.

You can obtain current information on your vehicle, navigate safely and reliably to your intended destination and use the news offering and other services from Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes me App at a glance:

Mercedes me connect

Always connected. Mercedes me connect provides you with a direct link to your Mercedes-Benz vehicle and offers you a host of useful functions:

• Status inquiries (e.g. mileage, tire pressure, fuel level, battery charging level etc.)
• Remote access to your vehicle – also via Apple Watch (e.g. locking and unlocking of the doors)
• Facilitated trip planning (direct transmission of destination addresses to the navigation system)

Mercedes me news & notifications

You can have personalized news relating to all aspects of your vehicle and the world of Mercedes-Benz sent directly to your iPhone - as push messages, if you wish.

Mobility services

Flexible in every situation. All-round mobility - Mercedes me gets you just where you want to go.

Other functions

• The Mercedes-Benz Concierge Service offers Mercedes-Benz customers an extra special premium service.
• Customized information: You decide which notifications you want to receive on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Please note:

The Mercedes me connect services only work with Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are equipped with the Mercedes me connect communication module. The functions may vary depending on your vehicle's equipment and your booked services. Your Mercedes-Benz partner will be happy to advise you.

• To use it, you also need an active, free-of-charge Mercedes me account.
• Continuous use of the GPS function in the background may reduce your battery running time considerably.
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