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Mercator Ikuu

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Mercator Ikuu

The Mercator Ikuü app is intuitive and user-friendly. Our design team is continually reviewing its functionality to ensure a positive user experience, while our dedicated R&D team works on new products and app features to ensure that Mercator Ikuü remains relevant, useful and innovative.

Mercator Ikuü is a cloud-based platform that includes a wide range of products. With a vast array of products all paired to the Mercator Ikuü app, you can have these products all work together with one simple tap. Mercator Ikuü utilises the ‘if this, then that’ concept in a user-friendly, easy to configure manner, meaning that one product can inform the actions of another.

Products within the range utilise either Wi-Fi or Zigbee 3.0, so that you can choose how to use your products. Products appear in the app exactly the same regardless of whether they use Wi-Fi or Zigbee 3.0, and can interact together in the same way. This means that the customer gets the advantages of each, without the cumbersome effort of having to navigate between different apps for different products.

Get your day started with lighting, electrical, climate and air-movement products all initiated with one tap or voice command!