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Memphis Grizzlies

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Memphis Grizzlies

Welcome to the new, reimagined Memphis Grizzlies mobile app which now includes a three-in-one experience. We’ve combined all the Grizzlies stats and news you’re accustomed to with FedExForum events and Mid-South sports and entertainment news from Grind City Media.

The new mobile app provides a 365-day experience to keep you in touch with all things surrounding Grizzlies, FedExForum and Grind City Media. We keep you updated with news and breaking alerts.

The app serves as your remote control and companion to enhance your experience with our brands. From news, to managing tickets, purchasing tickets and merchandise, planning your visit, sharing content, and playing our addictive Score! game, the new app aims to serve all of your needs.

Major New Features:

• Three modes in One App – Grizzlies, FedExForum and Grind City Media
• 365-Day Experience – Always Updated and Relevant
• Manage Your Grizzlies and FedExForum Event Tickets in One Spot
• Purchase Grizzlies tickets, FedExForum event tickets, and Merchandise seamlessly
• Take a 360 tour of your seats before purchasing
• Connect Your Mobile App Account to Account Manager and Ticketmaster for Easy Access to Your Digital Tickets
• Sign-In with Facebook
• Chat with an Account Representative to obtain quick answers to your questions
• Play mobile games such as Score!
• Navigate your way through FedExForum using arena maps
• Bid on auctions easily within the app
• View and share player cards
• Personalize your default app view – choose between Grizzlies, FedExForum and Grind City Media
• iOS only features include customizing the app icon that shows on your home screen.

Learn more at:
Memphis Basketball, LLC