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Memory Vault Plus

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Memory Vault Plus

Never forget anything again!
Your Own Personal Database

Now, with Memory Vault, you always have your own personal database with you …permanently available to retrieve information you may have forgotten and want to remember.
We’ve all had that frustrating experience of not being able to remember something that we know very well, but just can’t think of it: a friend’s name, a relative’s birthday, a restaurant, a favorite movie, an actor, etc. Now these slippery memories can be retrieved instantly with Memory Vault.

How It Works
Memory Vault stores the item you want to remember along with keywords and hints that remind you of the item and links them together.
Later, although you may not be able to remember the item, when thinking of it, you will recall the keywords or hints related to it. Merely enter the keywords or hints that you do remember. Memory Vault searches your database for a match of the keyword or hint with the forgotten item and displays it.

Voila! The name, place or thing you couldn’t remember is found!
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