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Memory Moves

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Memory Moves

Regular physical activity not only has a positive impact on your health, but it also positively affects your cognitive abilities such as memory. Memory Moves is a standalone app designed exclusively for Apple Watch that encourages daily activity while testing your memory.

•Track your activity and test your memory•
Memory Moves uses your daily Move ring data and transforms your activity into memory game turns. By being active, you will not only improve your memory, but test your memory and advance in the memory game.

•Collect over 60 unique icons and personalise your watch faces•
By completing levels you will get rewarded with images that you can use as complications to personalise your watch faces. Please note that Memory Moves complications can only be used in the following watch faces: Infograph, Infograph Modular, Meridian, California and Modular Compact

•For Apple Watch only•
Memory Moves is designed exclusively for Apple Watch and works as a standalone app on your Apple Watch

In order to work Memory Moves needs access to your Activity data in HealthKit. Your personal health data used by Memory Watch is only stored and used locally on your Apple Watch

If you have any questions we will happily help you:
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