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A journal app saving notes on calendar. Super easy to take notes from your phone and Apple Watch.

You can write multiple notes in succession.
Your notes will be saved in your calendar.
To enter phrases or hashtags quickly, register them in ‘Quick Items’.
You can write notes from Apple Watch.
You can customize a note by setting start and end times and save it as a calendar event.

A view displays your events, notes and photos in chronological (or reversed) order.
You can display photos from albums you choose.
You can create multiple sets of views with different combinations of calendars and photo albums.
You can read your notes on non-Apple devices as well, if you use cross platform calendar, such as Google calendar.
Apple Watch can show events and notes from a date you specify.

You can select multiple items and duplicate, move, delete or change calendar assignments.

Find notes and events that contain all of keywords (or events that match any of them).

You can see maps for events with locations.
Tap address to open map app (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Citymapper)

Today in History Mode:
Shows all notes, events and photos from previous years
Tsuyoshi Niwa