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Sick of your iCloud Photos getting clogged up with snaps of shoes, bus times and Midnight Cowboy on VHS? Of course you are. You’re only human.

Well, that’s where Membles comes in.

Whether it’s the latest Jon Voight masterpiece you want to pick up on payday, your mother’s maiden name or the screenshot-ed route to your best mate’s girlfriend’s sister’s birthday drinks - Membles will store the photo reminders of all the things and stuff you want to ‘member.

Start ‘membering today, and you’ll never look back... Until you need to.

How does it work?
‘member all the stuff and things you can dream of in three simple steps:
Create Albums
Add Photos

Not only but also:
If you’re fed up of people trying to ‘member your Membles, you can also password protect your albums, making it easy to keep any future gift ideas secret and protect those personal purchases you’d rather not share with the world. You know the ones we mean.

Photo Storage & Sharing
Photos are stored within the app only so are not added to your Photos App or iCloud library, however if you want to save a photo to your main library or send to a friend, loved one or even enemy you can use the share button from within the photo viewer.

Crop & Filter
You can crop your photos to get rid of the idiot in the background, oh its a selfie, sorry!
Choose from a number of filters to add to your photo, it doesn’t really help with remembering but its fun.

Custom Album Gallery
When browsing an Album’s Photos in gallery view you can adjust the size and shape of the images to whatever suits you.

Store All Sorts
Hey, you don’t have to store photos of stuff & things wot you wanna ‘member, you can store photos of literally anything, even things & stuff you would much rather forget.

Watch App:
Membles is also available as a watch app, where you can scroll through albums, swipe through photos and view your Membles without taking your phone out of your pocket - because who has the time?
WARNING: Membles on the watch may appear smaller than you ‘member.

- Image Editing thanks to FMPhotoPicker by Tribal Media House
- Popup HUDs thanks to SwiftNotice by John Lui
- Popover Menu thanks to FTPopOverMenu by Liu Fengting