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Knowledge is gained by accumulation. The main purpose of this Memory Aide is to help you turn your short-term memory into long-term memory through the system managed daily study. It is very suitable for those who want to build up vocabulary day by day, or those who want to build up vocabulary for examinations like TOEFL, GRE or SAT.


In the age of information flooding, how much information is belong to you? But for sure, all the information you build in this app is belong to you and only you. If you are not using the server side backup, the app is 100% offline. In other words, all the information is saved on your local device. In order to continually support this app, Google Ads is added to the free version.

在信息泛滥的时代, 有多少信息是属于你的? 但当然, 您在这个应用程序中生成的所有信息都属于您, 只有您。 如果您没有使用服务器端备份, 这应用程序100%脱机。 换言之, 所有信息都保存在本地设备上。 为了持续支持这个应用程序, 免费版本插有谷歌广告。

Your secret will be well protected. It is encrypted on database level and there is an additional lock on the GUI as well. For both the protected group and diary.

你的秘密会得到很好的保护。 它在数据库级别上加密,并且在 GUI 上还有一个附加锁。 对于受保护组和日记都是如此。

The event function links everything together. You can easily find out who is your mutual friend sat beside you at a party a couple years ago hold in the house of your friend. With the reminder, you will never forget the birthday of your close friends. You may said you can use your device's build-in reminder or scheduler. But can you keep the data for ever? With this app, you can keep your data for ever. You can archive the whole DB to your Mac.

事件功能将所有内容连接在一起。 你可以很容易地找出几年前在你的朋友家的聚会中坐在你旁边的新朋友是谁。 用提醒, 你永远不会忘记你密友的生日。 您可能会说可以使用设备的内置提醒或计划程序。 但是你能永远保留这些数据吗? 使用此应用程序, 您可以永远保留您的数据。您可以将整个数据库存档到您的Mac。

Main Function:

1. User defines what needs to be memorized.
2. The system schedules the reviews.
3. Daily notification reminds you to finish your daily memory task.
4. ‘Text to speech’ enhances the memory process.
5. Input and output functions make it possible to exchange with others.
6. Quiz is available at the end of daily study.
7. Allow the user to mark an item as favorite.
8. Show the daily task distribution (how many are new, and how many are from previous days as review).
9. Report daily task and quiz result.
10. Enhanced with photo and drawing.
11. Added preview for a group.
12. Able to specify different speech languages for each groups.
13. Integrated with Oxford English Dictionary.
14. User sharing makes it possible to share your study content with other registered users.
15. Auto-preview interval is configurable now.
16. Pattern lock is used for group to protect your secret content like passwords.
17. Backup/restore data to server (encrypted the protected groups).
18. Powerful search function.
19. Share extension.
20. Diary, which could be protected by the lock.
21. Reminder.
22. Event, which could link items together.
23. Text recognition (OCR).
24. OCR direct to Chinese (from English).
25. Encrypted the contents for items of protected groups.
26. Virtual items or item links.
27. Import device contact to item.
28. Allow user to delete diary entries.
29. Auto-log visits in Diary.
30. Quick way to go to any Diary entry.
31. Support iWatch (daily study and notification).
32. Share an event via iMessage.
33. One tap to access Driving direction.


1. 用户定义需要记住的内容。
2. 系统会安排复习。
3. 每日通知提醒您完成每日记忆任务。
4. '文字到言语'增强了记忆过程。
5. 输入和输出功能方便与他人进行交流。
6. 当天学习结束时可进行测验。
7. 允许用户将条目收入收藏夹。
8. 显示日常任务分配(有多少是新的,有多少是复习的)。
9. 报告日常任务和测验结果
10. 新增了照片和绘图。
11. 新增个组条目预览。
12. 能够为每个组指定不同的语音语言。
13. 与牛津英语词典融为一体。
14. 用户共享使您可以与其他注册用户共享您的学习内容。
15. 自动预览间隔现在是可配置的。
16. 模式锁用于群组来保护您的机密内容 (如密码)。
17. 将数据备份/还原到服务器 (对密码保护组群会进行加密)。
18. 强大搜索功能。
19. 共享扩展。
20. 日记, 可以由锁保护.
21. 提醒.
22. 事件, 可以将条目链接在一起.
23. 文本识别 (OCR)。
24. OCR 直接到中文 (从英文)。
25. 加密受保护组条目的内容。
26. 虚拟条目或条目链接。
27. 将设备联系人导入条目。
28. 允许用户删除日记条目。
29. 在日记中的自动记录访问地址。
30. 快速进入任何日记条目。
31. 支持 iWatch(每日学习和通知)。
32. 通过iMessage共享活动(包括位置)。
33. 一键进入驾驶方向。
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