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Melb Trams

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Melb Trams

Trying to catch a tram in Melbourne? We have you covered!

This is what the app offers:

1. Get the nearest stops in your location.
2. Get real-time estimated departures of all trams from a particular stop.
3. Get real-time disruptions, if any
4. See the schedule of all estimated departures of a particular tram number from a tram stop
5. See all the tram stops and estimated departures for a particular tram run
6. Attention to voice over and large text accessibility in both iPhone and iPad
7. Search feature
8. Apple Watch app
9. Augmented Reality - Allows you to watch the next 5 live departures on a tram stop, placed in real world

What's coming up in future:
1. Map views
Garima Mohapatra