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@meeting point

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@meeting point

@meeting paperless solution is a secure, paperless collaboration platform for leadership teams. It allows access the meeting documents directly via smart devices like Tablets or PC and collaborate in the real time on those documents with other meeting participants. @meeting solution was designed to help streamline the entire meeting process to save time and cost, while ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

The solution consists of @meeting organizer (for more details visit and @meeting point available for free download.

@meeting point is a client application used to view and work on the meetings documents. Every participant invited to the meeting, through @meeting point will have access to current and previous meeting documents, annotations and personal notes.

@meeting point gives rich set of functions
•Real-time display synchronization
•Meeting minutes wizard
•Highlight & mark the text
•Survey wizard
•Voting function
•Google Calendar synchronization
•Document search function
•And many more…

The solution addresses a range of challenges that organizations face.

•User and Room management
Add and remove participants and conference rooms

Email invitation and notification about the up coming meeting

Automate the creation & distribution of meeting materials and agenda

•Easy document upload
Upload all documents from the desktop with single Click

•Google Apps
Synchronization with Google Calendar data

•Presenter Mode
Keep everyone on track during meetings with real-time synchronized views and annotations

•Off line
Download materials for offline reading

Authorized access only with assigned privileges rights

Use & access enterprise repository like Dropbox

Write, save, share and access comments

•Meeting Minutes Wizard
Keep track of the meeting. Assign tasks, assignments and decisions.

•Easy Voting
Confidential or open voting on resolutions with graphic results

•Multilingual support
English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

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