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Medtimer has been specifically crafted to enable health professionals to time both heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RR). It is accurate and extremely simple to use. It removes the need to perform any calculations, counting or clock watching. It even displays reference range charts for adults and children of all ages.

Medtimer contains no advertising.

Ideal for:
• Doctors
• Paramedics
• Nurses
• Vets
• Midwives
• First Aid Providers
• Sport Scientists
• Home/Community Visits

Our feedback is excellent:

"This app does its thing really well. Great idea for an iOS tool." -JJGlebe
"I use this every day" - Paris1244221

Medtimer has been created in a collaboration between medical consultants and chart-topping app developers. It is designed to provide the ultimate in efficiency and simplicity and to work to perfection within even the busiest of clinical environments. To use it, you just need to tap the screen, everything else is done for you.

Medtimer will:

• Work for heart rate (HR) and respiratory/breathing rate (RR)
• Count the number of beats or breaths for you.
• Calculate the rate per minute from the count. (BPM)
• Display comparison charts for all age ranges.
• Work across all of your Apple devices including phones, tablets & watches.

A complication for Apple Watch allows a single click on the watch face to open the app and start the timer instantly.

Medtimer saves you from having to hold any information in your head, allowing you to concentrate fully on providing your patients with the maximum possible attention. The timing can be carried out discretely and does not involve anyone else needing to touch your mobile device. 

Medtimer will not ask you to sign up for our social media page. In fact, the app contains no advertising or any other popups which may distract you from your task. If you do find the app useful, it would be great if you could leave us a review.

If you have any feedback please feel free to contact us directly via the app.