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Easy and reliable.

Meds Reminder is probably the most easy to use and uncomplicated App to remind you for the intake of your Meds.
No matter if you have to take homeopathics, Vitamins, Tissue Salts, Antibiotics or Pain reliever: Meds Reminder reminds you reliably.
You can activate four predefined reminder times for all of your Meds: Morning, Noon, Evening and Late Evening.
These reminder times only need to be set once and globally - and can be changed any time.

**Please consider: This App is not intended for people who need to take serious medication maybe on different weekdays or daytimes.**

Adding new Meds is now as easy as Pie, done in seconds and you can rely on an accurate notification.

With each notification you an also save the intake of your Meds. And thanks to that you always have an overview of the intake course of all - or individual Meds.
And if a notification comes inconvinient - just snooze it!

The clean and beautiful designed App is fun to use and the outstanding Ringtone is discreet and at the same time distinctive enough to stand out of the daily hassel and distractions.
Stefan Völker