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MeDoc Patient

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MeDoc Patient

MeDoc Patient is Healthcare App. Through this app, Patient can access their Health Records, Prescription, Medicine, Reports etc.

A new user as a patient can sign up to app, then he will able to login in app using contact number after sign up successfully.
If patient is added by someone doctor, he can see his prescription with reports and medicine in the MeDoc Patient App.
Also patient has authority to add his own reports regarding prescription and send to doctor.
Patient get reminder at the time of taken medicine.
Patient see his health data i.e. blood pressure, temperature, weight, height etc. into graphical format.
Patient get QR code with his all information. Once doctor scan this QR, he will able to see patient information.

Kanishka Pvt. Ltd. has come with a new application known as MeDoc i.e. Me &
My Doctor application that overcomes the problems faced today by doctor and
patients in busy life.
It eliminates the lengthy process of carrying and remembering all the information
regarding the health history of every patient especially during emergencies works
the best as this application provides fully paperless functional management
system. It helps doctor to keep record of his meetings, numerous patients, their in
detail information like prescriptions, health condition, drawings, reports, graphs
Patient can also use your application to avoid documentation and prescription
losses, missing out medicines, etc. also they can update their conditions, any
other doc visit, their medication, etc.
It speeds up medication reconciliation process. Also this application is very helpful
to create a good network of all doctors.
Kanishka Software Pvt. Ltd.