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Experience the beauty of meditation with Meditate — a meditation tracker, timer, motivator, and perfect companion for your meditation journey. Meditate has been recognized as an Apple Design Award Finalist in Visuals and Graphics, highlighting its excellence in design and functionality.

• The Mandala
Cultivate a consistent practice and watch as your personal Mandala blooms with each day of mindful meditation. Maintain your streak to keep the Mandala thriving and your inner bliss alive.

• Simple Meditation Timer
Set your meditation session with ease, whether it's a specific duration or an open goal. The timer discreetly notifies you when your session ends but continues to keep time, allowing you to extend your meditation if desired.

• Interval Alerts
Stay grounded and focused with interval alerts that guide you through your practice. Choose from subtle haptic feedback or soothing bell sounds at specified intervals.

• Apple Health Integration
Sync your mindful minutes seamlessly with Apple Health, whether you're using this app or any other mindfulness app.

• Comprehensive Statistics
Track your progress effortlessly with insightful statistics, including current streaks, session data, average time, and total meditation duration.

• Log a Meditation
Record your meditation sessions, even if you practice without the app, to keep your progress in check.

• Background Music
Enhance your meditation experience by choosing ambient background music from the app or playing your favorite tracks from your music library (using the system music player).

• Widgets, Live Activity, and StandBy mode
The iPhone app now supports Widgets, Live Activity, StandBy mode.

• Independent Apple Watch app
The Apple Watch app works independently from the iPhone and offers additional features specifically designed for your Apple Watch.

Enhanced Meditation Experience on Your Apple Watch:

• Heart Rate Trends
Monitor your heart rate throughout your meditation session, with detailed insights into starting, ending, and average heart rates.

• Presets
Save your favorite meditation timers as presets for easy access.

• Complications and Smart Stack Widget
Stay updated on your meditation progress directly from your Apple Watch face.

• Shortcuts and Siri Watch Face
Start your meditation instantly with Shortcuts and Siri suggestions on your watch face.

• Siri Intents
Initiate your meditation sessions effortlessly using Siri voice commands.

• Reminders
Set personalized reminders to help you stay consistent with your practice.

• Weekly Summary
Receive insightful summaries of your mindfulness journey, along with tailored recommendations to guide your progress.

• Progress Updates
Stay motivated with notifications that support your daily mindfulness goals.

Start your journey to inner peace and well-being today with the Meditate app – your trusted companion for mindfulness and meditation. Download now.

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