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Measure Flow

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Measure Flow

Measure. Flow. Together.
For your daily mindfulness and yoga practice, we passively measure your brain’s ability to reach flow. Measure flow to manifest joy.

Manifest. Joy.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to see how your brain is changing in your daily practice? Of One Mind allows you to see your progress without interrupting your flow.

Be. Of One Mind.
Your practice is personal and part of a community. You want to know the moments of joy and progress you are making, but you can also share your progress with others and evolve together. When you are Of One Mind, you can see these moments as they happen, and know if your practice is hitting home.

Free. Your Brain.
Bring objective neuroscience data to your mindfulness and yoga practice. When you can measure true engagement and psychological safety, you can manage life lessons with grace and skill.

Based on the neuroscience of trust & wellness, Of One Mind uses your Apple Watch to measure mindfulness, engagement & safety. Free your brain from the wonder and measure your flow.

People like you are using Of One Mind everyday to:
- make better presentations
- engage with students
- build better mentor/mentee relationships
- identify alignment is teams
- improve their personal meditation practice
- create better story and user experiences
- know when they are in the zone
- add focus to their athletic training & performance

“I measure flow & engagement in every coaching session and preparing our sales or investor pitch. Free your brain!” - James
“Blows my mind. Literally.” - Michelle!”
Of One Mind