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Measure Angles Pro Level Tool

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Measure Angles Pro Level Tool

Measure angles and slopes: The most precise clinometer and digital bubble Level in your pocket. Including Flashlight + Compass + Ruler + Camera measuring - All in one handy app.

■ 360° protractor, clinometer with bubble level, level tool
■ Automatic bubble levels / Spirit levels for 90°/180°/270°/360°
■ Surface level, plummet tool including audio warning
■ Automatic transition from protractor to plummet tool
■ Use the flashlight measure in dark environments
■ Acoustic signal indicating the angular difference between actual and target angle
■ 6-step calibration assistant
■ Memory for multiple angle values
■ Additional target angle memory
■ Manually enter a target angle

Your search for a perfect mobile clinometer, protractor app for measuring angles and leveling surfaces ends here. Our clinometer, spirit Level, protractor, bubble Level - Multitool is extremely precise and intuitive to handle.

These intuitive features are packed in the Measure App level tool with easy user controls and intuitive handling.

■ 360° clinometer ■
Use the clinometer the measure angles along all edges of your phone. You can set a target angle by moving your finger across the display. Additionally you can store up to 5 angles in the angle list and recall them quickly as target angles.
Approaching the target angle or the 90°/180°/270°/270° angle (according to your setting) you can receive different acoustical warning depending on the difference between measured and targeted angle.
Protractor-Multitool also features a stability indicator indicating the rate of change.

■ Spirit level ■
Approaching 0°/90°/180°/270° a spirit level is displayed. This enables you to precisely level things.

■ Surface level ■
The surface tool enables you to level surfaces. Level differences will be displayed in degrees.

■ Intuitive ■
Depending on the orientation of your iPhone the view transitions from surface level to 360°-protractor.
In addition to that spirit levels will be displayed when approaching cardinal angles.

■ Highest precision ■
The 6-point calibration assistant guarantees high precision up 0.01°.
Surface level and protractor calibration are completely independent of each other allowing for even higher precision.

■ Sophisticated design ■
Measure App native drawing capabilities of your phone for extremely clear and fluid display.

Digital level (level tool, bullseye level, pitch & roll indicator, surface level)!
Jens Rieckhof