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World`s first calorie counter and nutrition coach that gives you personal recommendations on what to eat next to stay healthy and nourished! It’s powered by artificial intelligence, so it`s just like having a pro dietitian at your fingertips.

Just tell Mealviser what you’ve had to eat and the exercise you’ve done today. Mealviser’s unique engine will track your calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake, then provide a custom meal recommendation on what to eat next. Whichever lifestyle you follow - vegetarian, vegan, keto, high-protein or something else - our app is highly customizable, so you won`t have any problem tailoring it accordingly! You can choose from our huge library of recipes or choose dishes from nearby restaurants - as well as put in any basic foods!
Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, get leaner, improve your nutrition or maintain your already healthy lifestyle, Mealviser nutrition tracker is right there to help you succeed!


Vibrant and straight-forward visuals show your daily nutrient and calorie intake
Progress charts track your weight and show how your body has changed over time
A huge database of more than 500 000 meals ensures that we’ll always find the very perfect, delicious and nutritious meal for yourself.
Handy recipe creator lets you cook at home or choose your favorite meals from restaurants
Convenient, simple interface. No manual calorie counting, just put in your meal.
Social media sharing options provide positive reinforcement and make getting healthy fun!


“Other diet apps are complicated and require counting calories. As long as I just put in two meals a day, Mealviser tells me exactly what to eat, no math required.”
“Dieting doesn’t work. I’ve tried them ALL. Mealviser nutrition planner helps you make true lifestyle changes that last!”
“I’ve lost ten pounds so far with Mealviser’s meal recommendations and recipes. They’re always delicious!”


We`re human, you`re human, and it`s okay to slip up. If you skip a meal or overeat, Mealviser will get you back on track by the end of the day.
Tell Mealviser what you like and what you don’t, so you’re never stuck eating something you hate in the name of your diet.
Short-term diets don’t work. Change your lifestyle to get ahold of your health with Mealviser!
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