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Meal Planner Pal

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Meal Planner Pal

Meal Planner Pal is a simple, easy to use, customizable meal planning tool.

It is designed to take away the hassle of planning your meals, using features such as customisable meal templates, a grocery list and calorie tracker.

The focus is where it should be - creating a meal plan.

Feature highlights are:

- Meal plans are created on a daily basis which can be easily navigated using the intuitive design

- The ability to track calories (or not!)

- A grocery basket which allows you to create a list of groceries alongside your meal plan of which items can be marked when obtained (no more badly written notes!)

- You can also email your meal plan and grocery list so you can print it off or share with others.

There are also a number of extra features, such as:

- The ability to set the number of days in a plan (as opposed to the standard seven days)

- The ability to create your own meal library so creating future meal plans becomes quicker and easier. These meals can then be dragged and dropped onto your plan.

-The ability to set reminders/alerts directly from the app e.g. to remember to defrost food or to remind you what you have planned to eat.

- The ability to track and calculate the cost of your groceries as you shop (no more nasty surprises!)

-A manageable pantry so that you can easily track what essential items need restocking

What real users are saying about Meal Planner Pal:

"This app is easy to use and really helps me stay on top of meal planning."

"This app is so simple, which is what is so great about it. Easy to use and does exactly what it's supposed to."

"This is exactly what I needed to plan weekly! It's easy to use and give you the chance to create a shopping list as you go. It also allows you to email it which is great!"
Gregg Evans