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Meal Planner, Food Diary

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Meal Planner, Food Diary

4eat is your nutritionist in your pocket.

Eat a healthy diet, meeting your goals! Totally personalized nutritional plans, forget about counting calories. Adapt 100% your meals to your routine, lose weight and fat, gain muscle and eat better with 4eat.

Feel better eating healthy. Forget about your weight, 4eat helps you eat healthy and get your best. Join the app in Spanish developed by professional nutritionists that adapts to your objectives and characteristics to improve your day by day, to be happier and healthier. It includes a vegan and vegetarian plan, no matter what your goal is, 4eat thinks of you!

Reach your goals in a healthy and simple way:
- Forget about counting calories, follow a nutritional plan with professional dietitians.
- Adapt your plan to you, and don't change your life for the sake of eating healthy, you don't have to be in a routine to take care of yourself and achieve your goals!
- Don't worry about your diet anymore, 4eat makes it easy for you.
- Get to eat healthy and meet your goals without going hungry, and taking care of your health.
- Learn from a lifestyle and make good nutrition a habit, by enjoying yourself!
- Don't worry about how much you eat and what happens if your day goes wrong, 4eat already adapts to you.

What can you do as a free 4eat user?
- Day by day diet completely adapted to eat healthy.
- Exact amounts of each ingredient in each meal completely adapted to you and your goals.
- See in detail the steps to elaborate and enjoy your meals.
- Select alternatives to our unlimited selections with the general distribution of meals you have selected.
- Prevent your allergies from appearing in your nutritional plan.
- Prevent foods or food groups you like from appearing in your diet... Who said you had to eat what you don't like to meet your goals?
- Monitoring your weight and adapting to your goals according to your evolution.
- See today's shopping list.

The best added value is in joining the 4eat Premium plan! With the premium plan you'll be able to get the most out of your goals. You will be able to:
- Plan your meals for the whole week. With the premium plan you can select all your meals for this week to plan your weekly goals.
- Free your shopping list for the rest of the week and for the next week, to have everything you need in the pantry and organize your shopping according to your preferences.
- Adapt day by day the number of meals, adjusting the distribution to your schedule. We will recalculate the quantities so that you can continue to meet your goals regardless of your schedule and day-to-day complications.

4eat Premium subscription (1 and 12 months):
The selected subscription period will be automatically renewed unless automatic renewal is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. To do this, simply go to your iTunes account and turn off automatic renewal.
Renewal payments will depend on the subscription and the price at renewal. Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

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