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PWS Console

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PWS Console

With Me.teo, your Personal Weather Station (PWS) becomes even more powerful. Connect your PWS, whether it's from Ambient Weather, My Acurite, Tempest, Ecowitt, Davis Instruments, LaCrosse, Netatmo, or other compatible brands, to the Weather Underground service (wunderground), and unlock a world of weather insights.

Me.teo is the ultimate companion for PWS owners, providing real-time access to your PWS data and historical records. Dive deep into temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and more, all displayed in a visually pleasing and user-friendly interface.

With Me.teo, seamlessly integrate your PWS into the Weather Underground network, and explore a rich set of features tailored specifically for your PWS. Whether you're a weather enthusiast or want to keep a close eye on local conditions, Me.teo is your go-to app.

Visualize and analyze your PWS data like never before. Whether it's checking current conditions, reviewing past trends, or customizing data visualizations, Me.teo delivers the tools for in-depth exploration of your PWS.

Download Me.teo now and take control of your PWS experience. Get accurate insights, track weather trends, and harness the power of Weather Underground and your Personal Weather Station (PWS) to stay informed and prepared.

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