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maxRVU Charge Capture

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maxRVU Charge Capture

Need more time in your day? See more patients with effortless charge capture, rounding and RVU tracking.

maxRVU is a mobile and web charge capture and rounding solution for physicians, advanced care providers, hospitals, residents and medical billing companies. maxRVU allows you to focus on what matters most - your patients, your family, your life.

For providers who want more time in their day, maxRVU improves your workflow efficiency so you have more time to focus on your patients instead of their paperwork. Capture patient charges at the point of service and submit charges in real-time to billers through our secure HIPAA compliant platform, as well as round effectively and keep track of RVUs.

Download to learn more about how maxRVU can simplify your workday.


• Minimize manual data entry with ultra-accurate patient label scan
• Communicate securely within our HIPAA-compliant platform
• Reduce time to bill by viewing real-time queries and notes from your biller
• Interface seamlessly with your EHR or PM system
• Reduce errors by digitally attaching face-sheets to your patients and charges
• Encourages proper coding with AMA licensed CPT® database and ICD-10 codes
• Create favorites list and bundles with ICD and CPT® codes
• Add voice notes to your charge capture for on-the-go convenience
• Effectively round your patients and geo-locate hospitals
• Easily search procedure and diagnosis codes with Code Reference
• Works offline and in Airplane mode for added convenience to traveling providers
• Utilize web portal for enhanced features and customizable reports
• Includes Free Office/Medical Assistant & Biller accounts
• Supports Residents and Fellows
• NO infrastructure investment

maxRVU Charge Capture is the time-saving solution to seeing more patients with the added comfort that each encounter is properly accounted for. maxRVU allows physicians to automate and minimize data entry during charge capture on the go, as well as communicate securely for real-time updates. Hospitals and group practices can share patients between their doctors and surgeons to keep track of billing charges. To get started, launch the app.
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