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-MAXPRO introduces the most sophisticated fitness and performance tracking app ever developed for beginner and elite athletes alike who want to achieve their fitness goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

-Rebuilt from scratch on a high performance platform to enhance the digital fitness experience of the innovative and award winning MAXPRO SmartConnect portable cable machine… universally acclaimed by customers and professionals alike for it’s compact, lightweight (less than 10lbs), and power (up to 300lbs), making it the most versatile all-in-one gym ever produced.

-MAXPRO’s Performance App incorporates a Best-In-Class display that guides the athlete via THE beautifully designed “Detroit Dashboard!” A workout visualization UI that provides unparalleled performance analytics in a beautiful, stylish, and cool dashboard akin more the dash of a super sports car!

-For anyone wanting to make the most efficient use of their time, to optimize their workouts, and to reach their fitness goals faster by incorporating the MAXPRO machine’s exclusive PowerClutch technology based on the science of Concentric Biased Resistance (CBR) Training.

-The MAXPRO Performance App incorporates Velocity Based Training (VBT) in combination with Heart Zone Optimization(HRO) to precisely guide user energy systems to achieve optimum results faster.

-Every rep of every set is analyzed in depth to assess if the user is staying in one of 4 velocity zones (Aerobic, Endurance, Strength, Build) and 5 heart rate zone (Warm Up, Calorie Burn, Endurance, Cardio, All Out) depending on the users desired workout optimization goal.

-Those looking to build a lot of muscle can now see and maximize the number of actual contribution reps going to building muscle. This has been long sought after by serious bodybuilders.

-The MAXPRO Performance App can be used by beginning and elite athletes alike and their trainers and coaches.

-Can also be used for physical therapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Healthkit app integrated

-These are just some of innovative features of the brand new MAXPRO Performance App. Download and explore

- Unlock more workouts and features with our subscription plan, to read about Terms of use go
Maxpro Fitness LLC