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Masjid Al Salam

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Masjid Al Salam

Masjid-Al-Salam App's goal is to make it easier for you to take advantage of the activities offered at Masjid-Al-Salam and know more about what the Masjid has to offer when you're not at the Masjid. The App provides the following functionality not only for the Masjid-Al-Salam Congregation but anyone the world over...

* View current Salah Times - Adhan/Iqamah

* View Jummah Times and Khateeb

* View all upcoming Events offered at Masjid-Al-Salam

* Watch Videos (Isha Khatira, Jummah Khutbah, etc) uploaded to YouTube from within the App

* Receive Push Notifications - Inclement weather, Live Broadcast Starting, Moon Sighting, Major Events, etc

* Learn more about our Imam

* Contact the Masjid via Phone/Email.

* Follow Masjid-Al-Salam Social Media from with the App

* More features coming in the next update!