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Mars Watch

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Mars Watch

Planning your next trip to Mars and need help keeping time?
Need up to date weather reports for the Red Planet?
Need to know coordinates for space junk on Mars so you can salvage it for scrap?

Mars Watch has all of this information and slightly more in a mildly interesting but ultimately pointless app. Marvel for literally seconds at the myriad ways research missions to Mars have failed. Ponder for mere milliseconds over wether you have enough warm clothes to survive the significantly sub-zero temperature highs. Speculate about why the developer feels this is a valuable use of his time.


* Accurate time calculations for Mars Coordinated Time (sort of like GMT for Mars)
* Most recent wether reports from the weather station on the Curiosity rover
* Images of Mars research probes
* Information on past and present research projects
* Accurate time calculations for each probe's location

Reviews for Mars Watch

"I’m not terribly smart" *****

"Not very useful" *****

"I can’t understand why this app is receiving such high ratings!" *

"Does what it's supposed to." *****

"Didn’t think I’d need it" *****

"it's not annoying" ****
Rob Whitaker