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Marking MAP

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Marking MAP

" Marking MAP " is the application for managing by grouping more than one point on the map .

[Main features ]
• Create multiple groups , each group , it can be managed by dropping a pin on the map
• The group , possibly to your own name , to separate content for each , each place , etc. , each purpose
• Can be set for each group , the center to be displayed in the edit at the start of the group
• The pin , name , can be saved as the contents of the memo details
• The pin , along with the note , it is possible to save it with an image
(The image , can be obtained from the shooting / camera roll the camera )
• It is possible to get the address of dropped pin
• Is that you set a category to pin possible ( multiple selections are allowed )
• The possible to set the category for each group , to display the contents of the same category of another pin group
• It is possible to track the current position
• Can be shared with iPhone / iPad / iPod touch in the near , the group you just created
• Pin in the group is red, Pin another group is purple, Pin of the received data will be green

Pin that was created in another group can not be edited .
• The data sharing , contents of the group that received can not be edited .
• The acquisition of the address , the connection to the network is required .
• If you want to share data , must be set to ON the Bluetooth.
• It may not be saved normally when you finish application during "In writing……" and indication.
Seiji Nagano