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Most of the lottery software only provide a randomize draws. Mark6CalcW App has aligned with finance statistic expert to create an environment combined with Normal Distribution, Repeat Ratio, New Randomize Method and Past Draw analysis. Our objective is helping you to increase the winning possibility. Little investment for great return. This version is targeted for 49 numbers board with 6 numbers draw game. New version insert the accuracy 'High' / 'Low' option which has resolved the slow report at last high accuracy rate version. This app is supporting Apple Watch, in order to fill in the game sheet without putting the pen down, new notification applied on Apple iPhone. Bonus 2 lines are given in Apple Watch display.
Targeted Area such as Hong Kong ( Mark 6 ), Philippines (PCSO lottery), Canada (Lotto 649) and Taiwan (49選6大樂透).

Target device: Apple iPhone, Apple Watch

Supported Languages: English and Chinese
Sparks Technology Company