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Marine Box

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Marine Box

First of all, this app rocks congrats on a very informative app and visually pleasing app!
- by Rizorido Canada AppStore Review, 5 stars 1/26/16

"If the underwater sea and creatures, fishes makes you excited or you want to start your aquarium then this app will help you. . ." - 4.1/5.0 Stars on

"This is just right for you if you are curious about sea life and want to maintain a fish tank or an aquarium." - 4.3/5.0 Stars on review.

Marine Box is the most complete Reef Aquarium manager on the App Store for beginners and advanced aquarists alike! Ditch your notepad and paper and manage your aquarium on your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

This app features:

- Unlimited aquarium tracking.
- Automatic calculation of the volume of your aquarium based on your aquarium dimensions.
- Track your temp, orp, pH, salinity and much more.
- Schedule your parameters.
- Track all the trace elements.
- See graphs of all of your parameters within each parameter section.
- Record all your equipment costs, place of purchase, date in service, notes, etc.
- Record all your livestock.
- Visually track your aquarium, livestock growth, effects of resins, etc with Snapshots!
- Timeline to see all of your activities and maintenance of your reef aquarium.
- Central database for people who are lucky to have several reef aquariums to store frequently used equipment, or with same species of livestock, etc.
- Book section for beginners with tips and useful information.
- Tank setup recipes, Quarantine aquarium recipes.
- Share all your photos and info on Facebook or Twitter!
- AppleWatch app shows your aquarium timeline and has timer and calculators as well.
- Calculators to calculate dosing of common supplements.
- Alkalinity conversion calculators.
- Lbs per square inch calculator so you don't get an aquarium too heavy for your floor to support.
- Supports aquarium search on your home screen.
- Track your livestock food.
- Metric (cm, L), UK units and U.S. units (Inches, gallons)
- New Cloud sync system!
- Many more features!

This is the best and most complete reef aquarium management app for both the beginner and the advanced aquarist.

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