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Map's Up

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Map's Up

View and Share Reviews, News, or Ask questions about any place or location. Imagine Waze for any place, not just traffic.

"Map’s Up - What’s Up at Any Place is a great combination of mapping and social media tools. If you’re looking to discover what a place is like before visiting this really is a great tool." - appPicker

• Free and easy to use - select a place or drop a pin on the map and ask, post, or comment.
• Useful info without the hassle of invitations, friend lists, or sign up obligations.
• Remain anonymous or use your real name, your choice!
• Review any place or location.
• Report breaking news or juicy gossip.
• Ask :
• How long is the wait at the restaurant right now?
• What type of crowd is at the club tonight?
• Are handbags on sale in a specific store?
• Does the venue have any free parking?
• Is there a free tennis court available at the park?
• Anyone open for a 2­on­2 pick­up game of basketball?
• How crowded are the ski slopes?
• Browse other's posts and enjoy!!!
• Post or check out places from your Apple Watch!