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Mantra Reader

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Mantra Reader

The repetition of mantras has a beneficial effect on a person in many areas of his life. This process is able to remove suffering on the mental and physical levels and to clarify consciousness.
Recite mantras and keep track of your level.

In this app:
- Use preset mantras or create and set up your own.
- Add most actual mantras to Favorites.
- Track your readings statistics over time.
- Enjoy the user-friendly interface and beautiful design on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac (with M-chip).
- Use all kinds of widgets with the necessary data on Home Screen and Lock Screen.
- Take advantage of data sync across all your devices via iCloud (works automatically for signed-in users). All data is saved in iCloud and won’t be lost even if the application is deleted.

Important information:
Recitation of mantras - is a sacrament. Approach this issue with all your awareness.
In order for the practice of reciting to be correct, one must receive the transmission of the mantra from the teacher. Transmission is essential to maintain the strength of the original source of the mantra. It is not enough just to read it in a book or on the Internet.
For this reason, application doesn't include the mantra texts themselves (except Vajrasattva). They must be given to you by your spiritual mentor and can be added manually later.

We wish you deep awarenesses and spiritual growth!
Aleksandr Vorobev