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Our brains are wired to repeat negative feelings if fed with negative thoughts. Luckily the same goes for the positive side. Daily affirmations help us rewire our brains and fix these negative patterns.

“If you practice saying positive things in non-stressful situations, it has been found that you can change your brain’s reactions” - Caroline Miller

Affirmations are simple yet powerful statements that help us validate our core values. The latest researches indicate that practicing positive mantras and daily affirmations decreases stress, improves performance on challenging duties, builds self-esteem, and overall, makes up happier. As a result; we feel better, make healthier decisions, and live a happier life. Now, unleash your subconscious mind’s power and take your first step in the world of affirmations with Mantra.

All the affirmations inside our app are constantly updated. Instructions are clear: Think positive and hold down the button! Your affirmation will glow and you will light up! Give it a try and observe how you start your days in a better mood! Besides your daily affirmations, you can always read as many affirmations as you like by simply swiping.

Here is what you will get with our application:
• Affirmations for any situation from 30+ different categories
• Smart daytime and bedtime affirmation reminders (as push notifications)
• Uniquely new daily affirmations
• Practice as many affirmations as you want

• Create your own collections of affirmations

• Add your own affirmations if you can’t find what you’re looking for
• Record your voice and listen on repeat
• Personalize your theme with hundreds of cherry-picked background images, videos and fonts
• Ambient sounds that uplift you
• Share your daily affirmations to any platform in portrait or square mode
• Like your affirmations to see them anytime in your favorites

• And much, much more…

If you have any feedback please contact us via email: [email protected] 
We will get back to you immediately :) 

Love you!


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