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Mandarin Phrasebook

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Mandarin Phrasebook

Mandarin Phrasebook is the fastest and easiest way to learn Chinese Mandarin for the complete beginner or intermediate learner who wants to pick up the language quickly but does not want a whole language primer. It includes more than 2500 practical words and phrases for everyday situations.

Mandarin Phrasebook will help you to quickly build a broad Mandarin vocabulary.
1. It includes hundreds of carefully selected relevant words and phrases for every situation you find yourself.
2. You can search for words and phrases easily in both English and Pinyin.
3. You can easily add words and phrases to your Favorites to study them later.

Mandarin Phrasebook will help you to improve your speaking skills and fluency
1. All the over 2500 words and phrases are spoken by a native Chinese speaking slowly so that you hear everything clearly.
2. You can slow down the speed even more to hear them even clearer.
3. You can record yourself and compare with the native speaker to improve your intonation.

Mandarin Phrasebook will help you to reinforce your skills with quizzes.
1. Every topic includes a simple fun and challenging 40-question randomized multiple-choice quiz.
2. If you have an Apple Watch you can continue the fun on your wrist by learning how to tell the "current time" in Mandarin and doing more fun quizzes.

Categories in Mandarin Phrasebook include:
Essentials, Greetings, Conversation, Expressions, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating, Sightseeing, Shopping, Directions, Weather, Telling time, Healthcare, Emergencies and Dating.

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