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Learn how to draw and color mandala art with our app. Creating a mandala doodle, drawing its structure and coloring to create a distinctive design is an excellent art practice that is fun and free. The mandala doodle is a stress-relieving design to look at and often tends our mind to calm down. Check out our app and learn to draw, color, and paint exquisite mandala art.

Is mandala just another doodle?
A mandala is a geometric design with a circular pattern rather than an ordinary doodle. Being an art maker by drawing and coloring such mandala patterns is an easy and relaxing exercise for adults. Learn to draw, color, and paint to fill the pages in your book with detailed mandala art. You can also start to learn drawing and coloring simple designs for beginners and climb your way up to be a pro mandala maker with complex drawing art patterns.

Art therapy for adults
Drawing a mandala pattern is a calm exercise that gives an effect of meditation and peace. Like how playing your favorite games or sketching a doodle keeps your mind relaxed, drawing and coloring a number of mandala patterns helps distract and calm your mind from negative thoughts. From intricate flower patterns to integrated animal designs, mandala art is used for meditation, healing, stress-relieving, and art therapy for both adults and children.

Draw the outline and color inside the lines to create your piece of art and be a mandala maker. You can paint inside the outline as well. To draw and color mandala art in your book pages is like one of the fun games that kids love. Start with drawing and coloring a number of easy designs and work your way up to create amazing art. Become a pro mandala maker to explore the world of art therapy, feel the energy of meditation and free your mind with relaxed thoughts.

Learn to draw and color beautiful mandala designs and patterns with our mandala art app!

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