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Manager Watch

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Manager Watch

Manage Hotel, Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail Employees interactively in real-time throughout your Hotel with a new kind of Artificial Intelligence AI , designed specifically for Physical Service Staffs.

Your Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Retail Store, Spa and more have never seen anything like this multi-patented platform that will actually and truly revolutionize your staff.

Offering a long list of capabilities for Employee Accountability, Employee Safety, Employee Efficiency, Employee Engagement, Employee Health and so much more.

The App uses HealthKit and CareKit for Employee Health and Employee Safety, to help protect managers and employees in situations such as a heart attack or other serious health issues that arise.

Because every second counts in an emergency and we want to make the Hospitality, Restaurant and Retail Industries have more Efficient and Smarter Managers and Employees who are Healthier and Happier.
Creating Revolutions LLC