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Make It Green

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Make It Green

Your goal is simple ... work out a little harder each time and you'll make it green.

We use advanced statistical analysis, learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to compare your current workout with previous ones. We boil all this information down, and in real time and in one easy to read dial, tell you exactly whether or not you are working harder than last time.


- Dedicated Apple Watch fitness app, no phone required, before during or after your workout!
- You workout, we do the math. Automated tracking and analysis guide you down a path of steady improvement.
- Designed from the ground up to take advantage of the Apple Watch’s state of the art heart rate sensor.
- Easy setup! Beginners only need to set their age and how long to work out for.
- Works with just about any exercise activity, you can even mix and match; run one day then bike the next.
- Make It Green can close those rings! We are fully integrated into Apple’s HealthKit platform, you can even view your data directly from Apple’s Activity app.