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Make It Green Fitness

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Make It Green Fitness

A heart rate based fitness app, designed to run entirely from your Apple Watch, Make It Green has two simple workout modes ...

1. Target Workout Mode - beginners start here

Our Target Workout Mode helps you maintain either a low, moderate, or high level of intensity throughout your activity.

Continuous, automated, heart rate tracking figures out your workout intensity with every heartbeat. We use your resting heart rate, calculated using our new Resting Rate Detector to compute your heart rate range, then, our easy to read dial places you either IN or OUT of your chosen low, moderate, or high intensity target heart rate zone. We do all the math for you so all you need to do is make the dial green.

2. Progressive Workout Mode

For users who want to really challenge themselves, our Progressive Workouts are designed to help you improve your performance from one workout to the next.

We measure your intensity using your heart rate, then we compare your current effort to either your previous or most intense workouts. Your results are displayed in real time on our easy to read dial - telling you explicitly whether or not you are working out harder than the last time.

- Make It Green can close those rings! We are fully integrated into Apple’s HealthKit platform, and you can view your workout data directly from Apple’s Activity app.
- Once set up, Make It Green can run entirely on your Apple Watch, no phone required, before during or after your workout!
- Designed from the ground up to take advantage of the Apple Watch’s state of the art heart rate sensor.
- Works with just about any exercise activity, you can even mix and match; run one day then bike the next.