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Major New York

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Major New York

Major mobile app allows models to showcase their portfolios and videos on iPhone and iPad.
All data, images and videos are managed and updated by personal agents through the agency's platform.

With the Major app you can:

- Check your daily agenda/chart
- Receive reminders not to miss your appointments
- Be notified on your latest job updates
- Get directions of your meetings through the "Maps" app
- Display portfolio, snaps and agency card
- View multiple promo videos
- Have a look of the subway map
- Decide when to update your digital contents clicking on "Reload photo"
- Show your personal images and videos without any internet connection

After installing the application, ask your agent your login credential: you just joined the most technology updated model agency!

Apple Watch? We built the first smartwatch model app. Don't miss the opportunity to check it out!
Guido Dolci