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Mahjong Touch

by 旭 陈
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Mahjong Touch

by 旭 陈
Simulate the touch of mahjong, challenge your skills in guessing tiles by touch!
True mahjong masters no longer need to rely on their eyes, they can identify tiles just by touch. The touch as you see, this is the ultimate skill that all mahjong enthusiasts aspire to! Now, with the Apple Watch and iPhone, you can also experience the joy of guessing tiles by touch!

We've dived deep into our research, utilizing motor-vibration feedback that's creatively rendered a core part of the fun itself! Mahjong tiles are complex to the touch, something we've simulated and combined with image recognition, voice recognition and motion sensor technology. With this, we've created the world's first interactive Mahjong simulation that sees players utilize both their phone and smart watch to feel the wonders Mahjong, any time, any place.


About the fascinating culture of mahjong
Mahjong (Mah-Jongg), a Chinese national treasure with a millenia-long tradition, is popular overseas.

Mahjong is one of the oldest games in human history, behind which lies a unique aesthetics of intellectual health and deep philosophical thoughts, rich social culture value, and it is one of the international intellectual sports programs certified and recommended by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).
In addition to its national status in China and Japan, there are tens of millions of devoted mahjong enthusiasts worldwide.

As the Chinese New Year approaches and the Year of the Rabbit arrives, we wish everyone great luck and prosperity! We hope this interesting app will be a great companion for your family gatherings.
We also wish every mahjong enthusiast around the world to fully experience the wisdom of the East and enjoy Chinese culture, come and give it a try.
旭 陈