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Magnetic Detector Premium

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Magnetic Detector Premium

Detect metal objects with your device. Find nearby magnetic objects and explore your surroundings. This app uses the magnetometer to measure the magnetic field when your device is placed near ferromagnetic metal objects like wires, pipes, coins, speakers, phones, metal screws, keys, computers, stereos, and much more!

The Magnetic Detector is an application engineered to quantify the intensity of the magnetic field in close proximity, serving as an indicator of the presence of ferromagnetic materials. This tool capitalizes on the magnetic sensor integrated into mobile devices, delivering readings in units of μT (microteslas). Under standard environmental conditions, the Earth's magnetic field fluctuates around 49μT, equivalent to 490mG (milli gauss), with a conversion ratio of 1μT to 10mG. The proximity of metallic objects will induce a disturbance in the magnetic field, reflecting an increase in intensity readings.

The Magnetic Detector is an effective tool for the identification and localization of metallic objects within a specified area, leveraging the intrinsic property of metals to generate detectable magnetic fields whose magnitude can be precisely measured with this instrument.

Also you can discover magnetic fields and wood studs hidden under walls or plasterboard. As you move the device along the wall, the needle moves and when the limit is reached, it can be heard a warning beep.

The features are:
- Active detection beep when the above limit is reached.
- The time and measure read is stored automatically.
- A gauge indicating the magnitude of the magnetic field in uT.

It could be used for construction workers & handymen:
- to find where in the walls are hidden wires
- for educational purposes like school projects and experiments

Tip: Shake for calibration
Scientists, Teachers, Students, and Engineers, all use detector Meters for detecting magnetic fields of all types.

Please note that Metal Detector is not a replacement for professional metal detector devices and it should be used for private/entertainment purposes only.

If you have any issues to report or suggestions to make, please email the device you’re using and iOS version to [email protected]
Jose Bello