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MAGIPON! is an app that lets you easily enjoy magic tricks.
A handkerchief, a stick, a coin, a deck of cards... A lot of magic tricks are hidden within.
Will you be able to find them all?

【Introduction of game】

This is the MAIN MODE. With simple taps, swipes, pinches, and shakes, you can show off a number of magic tricks.
When you perform 7 tricks, you're finished. Look impressive performing magic!

This is the FREE MODE, for practicing magic tricks freely.
Learn various magic tricks and polish your technique.
Press the FREE MODE character at the bottom of the screen to return to the title.

The magic performances are shown in 60 panels.
The panels can be turned on by performing magic tricks in MAGIPON MODE and FREE MODE.
Click the panel to see an example of the procedure.
(T: tap, L: left swipe, R: right swipe, U: up swipe, D: down swipe, P: pinch, Sh: shake)

There are also hidden techniques not on the MASTER BOARD.
Let's find it!

Watch the Magic Demonstration.

【How to play】
When you start the game, let's make the item appear first.
A handkerchief will appear with a tap. Swipe (up, left, right) or pinch, scarf appears. A hat will appear with a Swipe(down).

Let's make a handkerchief or a scarf or a hat.By doing further tap, swipe, pinch, shake, you can show off a variety of magic.

【Apple Watch】
By using the MAGIPON app on Apple Watch, some app operations can be performed on Apple Watch.

MAGIPON MODE starts by pushing (long pressing) the Apple Watch screen on the title screen.Tap and swipe are the same as normal operations.Push is a substitute for pinch.And by quickly raising and lowering the arm with the Apple Watch, it can be used instead of a shake. The trick is to bring your Apple Watch "board" closer to your face when you raise your arms.

In FREE MODE, Apple Watch can only be used during magic operations. Let's practice and play MAGIPON! On Apple Watch and show off your magic!

【Compatible models】
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or later.
Apple Watch series 1 or later.