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Magic 8 bit 8 ball

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Magic 8 bit 8 ball

In 1983 a potent mixture of dark magic, sorcery, voodoo, and star anise was all captured in an 8-ball which then gained the power to grant answers to questions that were stated in a very specific way. With a near 100% success rate people found love, jobs, good places to eat, and the 8-ball gained mythical status. Unfortunately, the 8-ball was then lost forever...

...until now (obviously)! Luckily for you, we've captured all the dark energy from the original artefact, and have injected it into the app you are now downloading.

Typical valid questions include:
- Does [person x] love me?
- Will time travel be possible one day?
- Should I go out for pizza tonight?
- Should I download this app?

Typical invalid questions include:
- How dangerous are bears?
- How can I fly this helicopter?
- Quickly, they're coming!
- Oh no, *gurgling sound*

If you're on iOS14, try out the new magic 8-bit ball widget!
Richard Shilton