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Magenta SmartHome

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Magenta SmartHome

Mood lighting, electrical appliances, alarm systems, heating – the Magenta SmartHome app gives you a constant overview of your home – even while you’re on the move. Start your day with your favorite music playing, the living room blinds already raised and the bathroom comfortably warm. The heat will automatically decrease after opening the window following your shower in order to conserve energy. As soon as you leave your house, the automatic alarm system will prevent any unwanted visitors. The system sends alerts directly to your smartphone. You can also automate your optimal living conditions, so they perfectly match your daily routine. Plus, you can install the Amazon Echo to use voice commands to control your home.

An overview of functionality:
• Remote control: Use a smartphone to control heating, lighting or electrical devices while you’re away or conveniently from your sofa
• Alarm system: Employ motion sensors, cameras, door and window sensors in specific rooms or throughout the entire house to monitor your home
• Cameras: Access and monitor cameras while you’re away to ensure everything back home is fine; alarm alert images are saved by Magenta SmartHome for users in the cloud
• Housesitter: This function turns on lights, music and vacuum cleaner noises while you’re away, simulating a human presence
• Alerts: Receive notifications of predetermined smart home information on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch
• Profiles: Scenarios like “Workweek Mornings” or “TV Evenings” can be used to define lighting and electrical device presets that can be automatically or manually activated according to time, for example
• Heating: Apply individual heating profiles in your house, ensuring the perfect temperature throughout the day with smart control
• Secure your house from avoidable damage with smoke, CO2, motion and moisture sensors that notify you automatically on your smartphone or tablet

Make your house intelligent with Magenta SmartHome:
• Open system with renowned partners like Sonos, Philips Hue, Osram, Netatmo, Miele, Amazon, Bitron Video, D-Link, eQ-3, Sengled, Logitech ERGO, Schellenberg, Centralite and many more brands are being added all the time
• Compatible with smartphones and tablets, Apple Watch, BMW ConnectedDrive*
• Voice command functionality with Amazon Echo
• Intuitive use and simple installation
• Wireless operation is appropriate for both houses and apartments, renters and homeowners
• New functionality is being added regularly
• Highest standards for data protection and security
• Safe from external hacking

Please note:
This app requires the Magenta SmartHome basic package comprised of the QIVICON Home Base and Magenta SmartHome service, as well as compatible Magenta SmartHome components.

Are you using the Telekom Speedport Smart as a router? Then you don't need a separate QIVICON Home Base. The router can be used as a control center for the Magenta SmartHome. The basic package and all necessary components can be ordered in Germany at Deutsche Telekom shops, via the hotline 0800-1919300, at partner retail stores and online at:

The Magenta SmartHome app requires an Apple device using the iOS 8.0 operating system or later. Prolonged use of the GPS localization in the background can shorten the battery life of the device.

Find more information about Magenta SmartHome from Deutsche Telekom at:

Have fun with Magenta SmartHome!
Your SmartHome-Team

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* Requirements: For BMW: ConnectedDrive services and an iOS device such as an iPhone with the Magenta SmartHome app installed.
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