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MageMob Admin

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MageMob Admin

MageMob Admin is a perfect iOS app for Magento store admin that helps store owners to keep a track of all their Magento e-store activities on their fingertips. It is an iOS application that connects you with your Magento store via mobile. With the help of this Magento store manager mobile application, you can view the order, customer and product details available on your online store from anywhere at anytime.

The best part about our Magento mobile iphone app is that it gives you a detailed view of order list, details of products listed and other information. You can also find a customized dashboard having visual and textual description of total order.
Core Features
• Simple integration and user-friendly UI
• Supports multiple e-stores
• Filters orders, products and sales of specific stores
• Displays order status instantly i.e. successfully delivered, pending etc
• Displays product list and details
• Provides customer details, like order details along with shipping and billing addresses
• Provides notification to the store merchant with when new order is placed with every detail
• Customizable dashboard that can generate store-wise graphical sales report of specific duration i.e. 7 days, 30 days or 90 days
Value to the User:

This Magento store mobile application provides the user with an easy access to their Magneto store anytime, from anywhere! By using this mobile app for Magento admin, it is possible for the store admin to view order details, product details and customer details with complete and relevant statistics. Your e-store has now shrunk into your iphone, for you to carry, anywhere at anytime!
Note: For Magento Store Admin mobile app to work, you must first install the MageMob Admin Extension to your website.

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Maulik Shah