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Join the cute alien in his quest to stop the mole attack. This tap smasher is one of those actions, stress-relief tap games that you’ll love to enjoy every second of your free time. Smash and catch the moles in 6 different levels of difficulty. Enjoy astounding graphic and visual effects with just simple tap and presses. The game can be enjoyed on watch as well, so you will literally never be bored with MADMOLE.

You are a protector to protect the planet from an alien mole called 'MAD MOLE'. MADMOLE attacks with hiding and appearing techniques that irritate you. If MADMOLE appears for a very short period of time, you should smash it immediately. Otherwise your beautiful planet will be taken away by MADMOLE.

Moles can be fast and surprising, so be like them too. Press them with your fingers if you see them. Watch out, sometimes things other than moles pop up. Be careful and show great reaction!

- one of the best graphics you’ll see in a smasher game
- Meet various mole agents launching guerrilla raids.
- Addictive tapper that releases stress
- Catch the moles with 6 different levels of difficulty.
- The reaction speed of the application can differ with haptic on/off setting.
- You can play with your watch and phone
- Impressive unique artwork
KyuSun HAN