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Macchiato is an app for people to collaborate on projects. It can be easily adapted to fit your project requirements and avoids focusing too much on "Software Development Projects".

Use Macchiato for a variety of projects, from basic home projects to complex sales pipelines.

We don't charge per-user so every project can have up-to 200 members. Even users on our free tier!

Share your project with friends, family and colleagues using a unique link.
Specify user groups and permissions to restrict what members can access.

Macchiato allows project members to create "Requests" giving you the option to keep tasks hidden from certain user groups.

Control what push notifications you want to receive at a granular level per project.

Give your customers restricted access to your project, let them create requests but hide tasks from them. Communicate with them using comments on their requests and clarify any additional requirements before converting that request to a task.

Communicate internally using tasks and update the customer via their original request.

Apply tags to requests and tasks. Example - "Bugs" and "Feature Request"
Tags are completely customisable.

Assign tasks to queues and utilise the Kanban mode.
Example- "Todo", "In Progress" and "User Acceptance Testing"
Queues are also completely customisable.

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